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Alice set up her agency after representing children’s books for over ten years at David Higham Associates. She's a passionate champion of the writers and illustrators she works with, and she's frequently in awe of the beauty and sense of wonder (or absurdity) that her clients create!

Alice focuses on sensitive editorial/portfolio development, submitting and showcasing clients’ work widely, tenacious contract negotiation, and considered rights management. 

She offers the personal support that gives her clients confidence to concentrate on their creative work, and the editorial and industry expertise that paves the way to commercial success.

Alice lives and works in London and has an extensive network of industry contacts in the UK and abroad. She attends the Bologna and London Book Fairs each Spring, as well as writers’ conferences throughout the year.

Alice actively scouts for talent, and is open to submissions.

She's especially keen to consider playful, funny books for all ages, and is on the lookout for heart-warming, exciting and empowering stories, whether in a realistic, contemporary setting, or a wildly imaginative fantasy world - or somewhere in-between.

Mysteries, adventures, suspenseful thrillers, animal stories, science fiction, science fact, twisted fairytales, friendship stories, environmental issues, real-life heroes - these are just a few examples of the genres and themes that make Alice smile when they arrive in her inbox. Especially if they have an unexpected twist or a fresh perspective.

Children's books should be inclusive, and Alice is keen to see submissions from writers and artists from communities currently under-represented.

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The standard agency commission rates are 15% on deals with UK publishers, and 20% on deals with publishers outside the UK, and on audio/film/tv/stage rights.

The agency’s translation rights are handled by Rights People.