Alice welcomes submissions - by email only, please. Following these guidelines will ensure you give us everything we need to consider your work in the most advantageous way. 

Please note that we are not currently considering submissions from writers or illustrators based in the US.

For all submissions:

  • Email your submission to:

  • Introduce the project, mentioning genre, age and word count (eg is it a funny picture book, or a fantasy for 9+?).

  • Tell us a bit about yourself, mentioning any books already published, any writing/illustration courses taken, and perhaps what has inspired you to write for children. It's also helpful to know where you are currently based.

  • Attach your submission, as outlined below.

Fabi Santiago


  • Write a brief ‘blurb’ about the novel in the body of the email – just an outline of the main themes and/or story arc. Make it sound exciting/interesting!

  • Attach the full typescript as a Word doc, preferably formatted with double line spacing.

  • Attach a synopsis of the novel outlining the entire plot arc, including the ending - one to two sides of A4.


  • Give a brief overview of the book concept, proposed length, structure, readership, what led you to write it, and what published books you see it sitting alongside.

  • Attach a sample chapter, or the full text/rough dummy if it is a non-fiction picture book.

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Picture books texts:      

  • Attach two or three texts in separate Word documents.

  • Synopses aren’t necessary, but you could just outline the main themes of the texts in the body of the email.


  • Mention whether you are developing your own book ideas, or prefer to work as an illustrator only.

  • If you have a worked-up dummy book to show, attach this as a pdf. Not every spread needs to be polished artwork.

  • Include a link to your portfolio on your website.

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We read all submissions carefully, and aim to respond within six weeks. Please don’t chase sooner than this, but do get in touch if you have serious interest from another agent.

Agents need to balance time spent considering new submissions with work on behalf of their existing clients.  We can’t respond personally to every submission. If you receive a standard response, please don’t be offended or disheartened. There are many reasons we may not be the right agency for a writer or illustrator, and another agent may respond quite differently.